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About Janet Lomenzo Black

Janet has lived in Los Angeles for over 30 years. When she moved from the east coast to California in the 70s, she lived in a one-bedroom apartment on Laurel Canyon in Studio City (back when the rent was just $160/month!).

Janet is married with three grown children. Janet raised her three children in the San Fernando Valley and after years of driving across all of LA for school events, sporting events, and social events, she is a go-to resource for information about LA’s numerous neighborhoods, communities, and schools (as well as the best routes to avoid traffic!).

Janet’s three children attended SDSU and UCLA and have lived and traveled around the world. Janet’s daughter and son-in-law recently moved back to California after living in China for 2+ years. Janet’s oldest son served in the Army and younger son spent several years traveling throughout the Asia-Pacific region with a special stay in New Zealand, where Janet’s mother was born and raised.

Janet is one of eight children and it is therefore no surprise that she has unparalleled communication skills and a knack for connecting with people, as her numerous social circles exemplify. This is a major reason why Janet entered real estate – she loves building relationships and understands the emotion and integrity involved in the sale and/or purchase of a home.

Prior to Dilbeck, Janet worked for Universal managing executive properties under that Universal Studios Hollywood Master Plan – a project requiring her mediation between the studio executives and the longtime residents of the community surrounding the studios and theme park. This position contributed strongly to Janet’s solid foundation in negotiation, customer service, and relationship building.

Janet spends her early weekend mornings at Zuma Beach in Malibu with coffee and the newspaper. If she’s not in the office or at an open house, she can usually be found on the tennis court, in her garden, in her kitchen cooking a family recipe, or walking her dog Bailey (who is one of two dogs Janet’s family has rescued).

We have found that Janet’s clients have become friends and her friends have become clients. We know you will love working with her!